Personal Training

Let's workout together and find the best suitable routine for you even online!

  •  Free Personal Assessment 
  • 10 occasion  - 2700 DKK
  • 5 occasion    - 1425 DKK
  • 1 occasion   -  300 DKK

Would you like to train just with a partner or your friends? Ask for opportunites for groups.

Workout plan 

Interesteded in boosting up your training program or creating a new one

  • 1st meeting - checkup
  • 2nd meeting - new workout plan
  • 3 rd meeting - finalizing the plan
  • 3 occasion -1500 DKK

After the 3rd meeting you will get a full program for your training, which can be used up to 6 weeks or more.

Office training 

Care about the social and mental wellbeing of the employees 

  • Choose the type of training
  • Discuss the length
  • Set up the frequency
  • Find out the schedule

Each offer is individually made. We discuss what would suit the best. Contact me to discuss the needs!

Group trainings

Come and try some of my group trainings

  • Yoga - Aarhus Fight Academy*
  • Functional training - *AFA
  • Pilates - Fitness X Viby
  • Yin Yoga - Fitness X Viby

Check out the detailed description below or take a look at my Facebook site for more information. 

Personal Training 

During Personal Training, we focus on your abilities and needs. We get to know each other, discussing several issues that will help to work together. 

  1. st meeting - Free Personal Assessment
    • We start with a meeting where I make postural assesment and movement analysis, we dicuss issues regarding your health, your goals. I will tell you what I can offer, how can we work together. This analysis is free of charge, it may take up to 1.5 hours. 
  2. nd meeting - Start the training
    • For the second meeting I prepare a workout program focusing on your needs. We start the process together towards your aims, building up your strength and mobility, working on your cardio.
  • Price may differ in case you choose to train more times a week
    • 10 occasion - 2700 DKK / 2565 DKK for 2x a week training
    • 5 occasion - 1425 DKK / 1354 DKK for 2x a week training
    • 1 occasion - 300 DKK / 285 DKK for 2x a week training
  • Place: Aarhus Fight Academy, Bredskiftevej 20, 8210 Aarhus V / your place / online

Train with your partner or group of friends, contact me  to discuss !

Workout plan

If you would like to start / continue to do your workout alone, but you would like to get some new ideas, this is how we could work together to boost up your program:

  1. st meeting ~ 1-1,5 hour
    • During the first meeting, we go through your recent routine, I check your posture, movement. We discuss what would you like to achieve, where have you stopped. If you have documentation about your workout, please bring it!
  2. nd meeting - checking the new training program ~ 1 hour
    • For the second meeting I prepare a modified workout program for you, focusing on your aim. We go through the excercises and check the strength and adaptability of your new program.
  3. rd meeting - finalizing the new training program ~ 1 -1,5 hour
    • On our last meeting we go through the final program, learn the movements.I give you ideas on how to go further with the program so it could last more than 6 weeks.
  • Price: 1500 DKK / 3 occasion
  • Place: Aarhus Fight Academy, Bredskiftevej 20, 8210 Aarhus V / your place / online


Office Training 

Caring about the social and mental wellbeing of the employees could help to benefit in the long run. Furthermore the training could give and extra opportunity for team building or just a new form of a language practice :) Price is adaptable to your profile, plus members can get discounts on personal training.

The program will be build for your office regarding:

  • Length:
    • 10 minutes ergonomic break
    • 30 minutes stress release
    • 60 minutes full body workout
  • Frequency:
    • 1 x week
    • 2 x week
    • 3 +
  • Schedule:
    • Morning 
    • Midday
    • Afternoon
    • Team building weekend
  • Type of class:
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Strength training
    • Mobility training
    • Stretching
    • Chair yoga
    • Chair workout
  • Language:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Hungarian
    • French - bit rusty
    • Danish - just learning it


Group Trainings 

Currently I hold group trainings in 2 places, the Aarhus Fight Academy and Fitness X. You will find a link below for further information about their membership programs. Right now due to Corona virus restrictions I am postponing the regular Functional training at least till the end of the year. If you are interested in training online with me, don't hesitate to contact me for further information!

Aarhus Fight Academy Bredskiftevej 20, 8210 Aarhus V

  • Yoga
    • Time: Wednesday 17:30 -18:30
    • Price: check out their site for more information
  • Functional training
    • Time: postponed due to Corona virus! Estimated restart - 2021. 01

Fitness X Viby Ringvej 10, 8260 Viby

  • Pilates
    • Time:  Thursday17:00 -18:00
    • Price: check out their site for more information
  • Yin Yoga
    • Time:  Every odd week on  Sunday11:00 -12:00
    • Price: check out their site for more information

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